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    Hundreds of Classical Products Serve Thousands of Households
    Online Opening Ceremony of Canton Fair opens a New Era of Online Economy-- Leaders of Guangzhou Light Industry and Trade Group Ltd visited Tiger Head Company and give suggestions to the Online Canton Fair Work

    Leaders of Guangzhou Light Industry and Trade Group Ltd came to Tiger Head exhibition room and give suggestion to Canton Fair Online Exhibition Work

    Zhou Songyi ,deputy general manager of Tiger Head Company was interviewed by 11 media on the first day of the Canton Fair

    G4 News of Guangzhou News TV reported on the live broadcast of Tiger Head Online Canton Fair (Photo from Zhao Nvlan)

      On June 15th, the 127th Online Canton Fair successfully opened, 158 products of Tiger Head Company collectively go online, 24-hour live show broadcast and customer reservation negotiations continued smoothly. In order to better play the role of Online Canton Fair's all-round opening platform,Tiger Head Company actively opened up overseas online promotion and live show broadcast channels to boost new marketing and promote orders to stabilize the market.
      Up to 17th, the company has broadcast 21 live shows, with 8,612 likes and 214 live viewers, mainly from Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Europe. The company's Online Canton Fair has achieved good results, and has obtained intention orders of dry batteries from Myanmar and Russia, USB lithium batteries from Belarus, and jump stater from Europe.
      Enhancing the brand image through innovative marketing methods and technological empowerment. In order to strengthen the precise international market expansion, in addition to optimizing the official website, the company also uses the new media such as "search engine optimization + overseas social media" for the first time to carry out global marketing promotion, optimize the marketing mix, strengthen the brand image, and effectively do online warm-up promotion and customer drainage to attract more and more diverse and professional buyers to come to our online booth to watch the exhibition.
      At the same time, it actively introduces various technologies such as 3D and VR to further optimize the display effect of online products and more intuitively and stereoscopically display the advantages of "Tiger Head". On the first day of the opening of the Online Canton Fair, eleven media including Guangdong Radio and Television station, TVS-1 and the Information Times etc. interviewed the company's online exhibition and live broadcast of the Online Canton Fair, and Guangzhou News TV G4 News, Guangdong News, Metro News, etc. also reported the news.
      On the morning of June 18th, Leaders of the Guangzhou Light Industry and Trade Group Ltd--General Manager Zeng Chenxiang and Deputy General Manager Chen Jiayuan came to our exhibition room and give suggestion to canton fair online exhibition work. The Chairman Li Jianhua , General Manager Jian Weiyi and Deputy General Manager Zhou Songyi of Tiger Head company introduced Canton Fair Online Platform Display, Online Live Broadcast. General Manager Mr. Zeng fully affirmed the participation of the Tiger Head company in the Canton Fair, acknowledged the company’s adoption of an innovative overseas online promoting model, and encouraged our company to work hard to cultivate new opportunities in the crisis and open up new situations in the face of changes, actively play the initiative and creativity of the entrepreneurs, continue to actively explore the international market through online and offline integration, comprehensively improve the international market development capabilities, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of enterprises.