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    Hundreds of Classical Products Serve Thousands of Households
    Create Excellence in Struggle: Chemical Lonkey Synergy has Achieved Remarkable Results

      Facing the onslaught of COVID-19 this year, Guangzhou Chemicals Import & Export Co., Ltd made an positive response toward the synergy appeal of its superior Group. It has fully integrated internal superior resources to jointly build a competitive marketing system. The Company’s daily chemical marketing team and Lonkey management team put their heads together to overcome difficulties, making great achievements of synergy in such a difficult situation. By the end of June, the synergy scale of Chemical Lonkey has reached 22.99 million yuan, with an increasing range of 210%, and the synergy scale of the whole year is estimated to reach 35.00 million yuan.
      “A craftsman who wishes to do his work well must first sharpen his tools”! The steady growth of the daily chemical marketing team’s performance relies on the cooperation and full support of the whole Company, which also embodies the outstanding advantages of the Company in cooperation, execution and risk control from three aspects.
      Firstly, pursue development in difficulties and improve executive capacity for business. As the epidemic ravages, all the employees of the Company went all out. As soon as there is an order, they prepared the contract, gave purchasing instructions, checked contracts and notes, prepared delivery lists, arranged shipments against time, so as to meet emergency business demands as best as they can.
      Secondly, stay confident and strengthen communication. Facing the special circumstance, the marketing team made great efforts to actively adjust and exploit strategies, kept in constant touch with clients via the e-mail and instant communication tools to ensure that the questions raised by clients could be answered in a timely manner. In the double test of the epidemic and work & production resumption, the marketing team has improved its business skills and working level to minimize the impact of epidemic.
      Finally, pay close attention to the epidemic and strictly control risks. Pay close attention to the epidemic situation in the country where the client is located, changes in international trade policies and the operation situation of our client’s Company to control the risks. In the premise of strict control of operation risks, we need to think for our clients and respond to their needs, and do our utmost to ensure the supply of goods for our clients.
      Next, Guangzhou Chemicals Import & Export Co., Ltd will forge ahead in difficulties, focus on key targeted markets, make full use of Lonkey’s advantages in product price and quality, make solid progress in the market expansion of the washing powder, and create a new chapter of synergy strategic cooperation with professional and dedicated trading services!